Welcome 2018

Au Revoir 2017,
A year of pain for my all…
Turn away from what has been,
To a future where I’ll stand tall…

Friendships were broken,
But new ones were found…
My sorrows were spoken,
But I hear Hope’s sound…

May the New Year be kind to me,
And remove fog from my eyes…
May my healing heart be ready,
For gifts that will arise…

Sing a hymn for my dreams,
As I set ready to fly…
My self-respect is mine to redeem,
As my line of sight is the sky…

Welcome Year 2018,
I open my heart to you…
I’m hopeful for what you will bring,
And my purpose – you will see me through…


With Love,

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Merry Christmas 2017

Winter Solstice came and passed.
Powder snow arrived at last.
Faint ringing from bells of cheer.
Heart bringing down shells of fear.
It is the season of greetings.
A time for family and friendship meetings.
A line in the sand carved for happiness.
A once-a-year reminder of our togetherness.
From homes of maple and warm fireplaces,
To little gatherings under cardboard boxes…
Merry Christmas to all,
And may your hopes and dreams install!
“Merry Christmas 2017”
With Love, Jessie
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