Beauty is a Curse that all Artists understand

When people receive hurt, they hurt others. That hurt does not go away but merely grows exponentially.
But real artists do not pass on this hurt. They contain it. They transform it. And hopefully, if they survive it, it is transformed into an energy of healing for this world.

With so much pain and suffering in this world today, it is no surprise to me that more and more great artists pass on.
Real artists take their responsibilities seriously. They refuse to send out that hurt.
They accept the hurt – willingly – so that they can translate it into something beautiful.
They then send that beauty out into the world – pain purified through their time and effort – their poetry, music, films, paintings, sculptures, dancing, cooking, and many other art forms… delivered to this world, accepted or not, taken for granted or not, but which ultimately heal this world, little by little.

Art is nourishment for all the souls of this Universe.

For some artists, there is only so much hurt they can take.
For the rest of them, they try their best to survive day by day, getting better, translating better, and hoping to purify this world of hate and hurt.

So, to all the artists out there – I want to say:

Thank you.

Take care of yourselves!
You are loved. You are cherished. You are gifted.
Do not be afraid to take a break once in a while.
Yes – Art is seductive; Art is addictive; and Art is beautiful.
And ultimately, it is your Art that you will leave behind that will transcend all dimensions of the Universe.

But Art takes time to be Beautiful.

Beauty. A Curse. A Blessing. A Gift.
One which, all artists know very well and will not trade for eternity.

With Love,

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