My screenplay made the Beverly Hills Film Festival 2017 Screenplay Official Selection List!

I am so honored and delighted when I heard the news that my screenplay “In The Now” made the Screenplay Official Selection list at the 17th Annual Beverly Hills Film Festival this year, to be held in LA. Of course, I will be going!!!

I am also happy to announce that the actual film is 99% complete, and as soon as it is ready, we will submit it without delay to many film festivals around the world.


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Signed on with Bizzay for their new feature film “Chance”

I am excited and grateful to have signed on as an actor in Bizzay’s new feature film “Chance”. Filming starts next week, right here in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. I absolutely adore the screenplay, which is written by the very talented Norberto DeJesus. I loved it so much that I also decided to be an Executive Producer on this film. I am telling you, these guys are on an amazing trajectory in the film world – they are young, talented, passionate about making good films, and are making all of our dreams a reality! Just take a look at their past work – they speak for themselves.
I am so grateful to get this opportunity to work with these amazing artists!

Anyway, I will provide more details about my experience on this project in due time. For now, there is a GoFundMe campaign for this film project. Come and be part of our journey!
Check this out!

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My Very First Music Video Experience

There is a first time for everything, and a few nights right before Christmas Eve of 2016, I got to make an appearance in a music video, my first time ever.

It all started when I randomly received a message from a lady-producer friend, Myra, who asked if I were free “tonight” to be an extra on a music video. That’s usually how some of the best film-making happen here in Alaska: on the fly, with very little planning, or time – and BAM – together we give birth to something amazing.

She wanted me to come dressed like as if I were going to a “computer-data-analysis-working-boyfriend’s company Christmas party”. Wonderful! I thought this would be the perfect occasion to re-use that pair of reading glasses I once bought for a theatre play. It is always good to get a second mileage out of props that one buys for theatre or films.
Anyway, I had the night free, so I was like: “Sure, why not?”

So I dolled myself up looking the part she wanted, and a few hours later, arrived at the filmset (or more like a party), and we dived right into filming.

Once again, Alaskan filmmakers never cease to amaze me with how much they can achieve with very little. I had an awesome time being on set, met some awesome film professionals, and I am so thankful for this wonderful experience.

And guess what? The end product looks pretty damn good too.
Check this out:

Written/Directed/Edited by Justin Lawrence Hoyt
Director of Photography (Cinematography) by Tom Trainor
Gaffer – Chris Thomas
Camera Operator – Jeremy Blake
Assistant Director/Production Manager – Myra Johnson

Girl – Ida Taylor
Fiancé – John Norris
Affair – Greg Rowland

EXTRAS (In Order of Appearance): Jessie Wei, Camille Milroy, Cole Crawford, Myra Johnson, Ben Nilsson, Boba Fett (The Cat), and James Engberg.

Hope you enjoyed it! Now go out there and make some movies!

With Love, Jessie

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A Requiem for the Artists

They love us for our art;
But only our success do they see.
To them we shine like stars;
Because we make them believe.

But the years below the surface;
When we hung on for dear life;
When dreams ruthlessly shattered;
Everyday was a torturous fight.

Why do we hold on?
Why do we not give up?
Why do we not listen to Dad and Mom?
Why do we not grow up?

Because we must piece together the shattered vase…
Because our dreams must not die…
Therefore our pride, we throw away…
Because we refuse to be dead inside…

– For all the Artists out there fighting for their dreams everyday

This poem was inspired by “La La Land” directed by Damien Chazelle. What a beautiful film, and something that all actors, and artists could relate to. I wish to continue to have the courage to be in my chosen field of work, no matter how hard it gets.

With Love, Jessie

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Behold: my film studio intro logo for EISSEJ films

For as long as I can remember, films have had a special place in my heart. There was always something awe-inspiring about going to the movie theater, sitting down in a seat in the center of the row, and letting the big screen mesmerize me as it captured my full attention. Nothing could ever replace the magic and inspiration I felt when I watched good films. One of my favorite pastimes is to watch films in the theater by myself. I would say, the big screen and I have always had a special relationship.

As the years passed, I found myself desiring a change more and more. I no longer wanted to be just a consumer of films. I wanted to be a maker of films. For a long time, I dreamed of having my own film studio. I just didn’t know how to get there, because back then I thought that the only way to do this was to have a lot of financial resources.

Thankfully, I know now that that is not true. Especially with today’s technology, I learned that I did not need a lot of money to make my dreams a reality. However, what I did need were drive, determination, and uncompromising passion to make it happen. Most importantly, I had to take action, no matter how scary it was… I had to be willing to fail and throw away my pride for my chosen journey.

And that is ultimately what this is… a journey. It is not about success. It is not about proving a point to anyone either. It is about the walk, or the jog, and breathing in the crisp air from the pine trees that say hello as I pass by them on the trail of my chosen career.

So this year, I decided to finally launch my own film studio so I could make films… and made films, I did.

And tonight, on this beautiful, snowy Christmas Eve, I wish to show you the official intro logo of my Film Studio EISSEJ Films. This was a labor of love by two designers who turned my vision into reality. I am extremely proud of what they did. I hope you like it as much as we loved making it.

This is only the beginning.

With Love, Jessie

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