My latest film “The Hunger” premieres on Thursday Dec 8th 2016 at Bear Tooth

I am grateful that I got to team up once again with prolific Alaskan filmmaker Charles Baird to bring his short film “The Hunger” to life. This was an ambitious project that we made in four days for the 2016 Anchorage Quick Freeze Film Competition. This project marks my second time as a Producer on a narrative short film, and another one of many projects for Charles as the Executive Producer. Here’s our Movie Poster:


Written, Directed, and Edited by Charles Baird, and featuring Cinematography talent of Levi Nilsson, this short film gives a quick glimpse into the secretive life of a lawyer whose hunger for lust is never satisfied.

I was so blessed that I got to work with a group of dedicated cast and crew whose passion for film-making was awe-inspiring. Thank you so much to the following people who made this film possible: Levi Nilsson (D.P.), Carl Weber (Assistant Cameraman & Sound), De Gosh Reed (Gaffer), Laura A. Hoosier (Script Supervisor),  Greg Rowland (Clive), Katie Wilson (Ashley), Ida Taylor (Cherry), and Mariah Falkenstein (Nancy), and of course Charles Baird (E.P. & Director & Writer & Editor) for giving me this opportunity to stretch my wings as a Film Producer.

I am proud to announce that this film is now complete and will be premiering at the Quick Freeze Film Competition Screening and Awards event on Thursday December 8th, 2016 at 10:30 PM at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub (1230 W 27th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska), alongside 19 other films made by talented Alaskan filmmakers.

We hope to see you there!

With Love,
Jessie Wei

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