It’s Okay

It’s okay to try.
It’s okay to fail.
It’s okay to cry.
It’s okay to be frail.

Society will make rules.
Society will judge you.
Society makes you a fool.
Society tests what’s true.

Beauty is a curse.
Beauty is a blessing.
Beauty gives birth,
To what is missing.

Blessed are the meek,
Who can withstand the strife.
Blessed are the weak,
Who continue to survive.

But only you can choose.
Only you have what’s yours.
You can sing the blues.
Or you can open the door.

Growth is not without pain.
Forward is not without loss.
Rainbow follows the rain.
In sunlight you walk across.

It’s okay to accept joy.
It’s okay to atone.
It’s okay to enjoy.
It’s okay to walk alone.

Life is beautiful.
Life is hurtful.
Life is bountiful.
Life is eternal.



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Away the Strays

All the stray dogs want to come into my home.
My door is closed. So they howl and moan.
Begging for attention like hungry wolves.
I ignore them, for I am not fooled.

But my little sister is kind and sweet.
A heart of gold, dignity and integrity.
She gives her love without any boundary.
So she lets them in, thinking I don’t see.

She gives them food and water,
And bedding to make them warmer.
She gives them her time and attention,
And unconditional love, not to mention.

She is so happy to help them in her way.
And for a while, they enjoy their stay.
So I let them be, and watch from the sidelines.
Such beauty inspires me to open up my mind.

But their loyalty is as real as their next meal.
When they are fulfilled, it becomes a done deal.
They move on quickly, and leave her all alone.
But not before they trash our beautiful home.

For many days after, she cry and wonder why.
She asks me why they keep telling her lies.
I don’t have the right words to give her an answer.
I can only pick up the pieces left over.

She wants a dog, to love and to hold.
But she needs guidance, and rules to be told.
Her heart is big, but her time is finite.
Her innocence should be cherished, and not left to die.

That is why I’m putting a stop to this nonsense.
This vicious pattern must be broken.
I will take back what is stolen,
And make rise again what had fallen.

Class is something money cannot buy.
There is no shame in picking a fruit that’s ripe.
But stay far away from those luring fruit trees,
That grew from tainted and poisoned seeds.

Time to find her a dog of good pedigree.
One trained in etiquette, and from a good family.
One with heart and courage, and integrity.
One who will treat her like a real Lady.

Because a Lady does not belong to a tramp.
Just as a stray does not belong in my camp.
My vetting will bear my lineage’s stamp.
And henceforth given only to the worthy Man.



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Fall from the High

Clouds afloat in the heights.
Blissful image of nature’s might.
Sunlight peeps from edge of hill.
A display of time to test one’s will.
She’s unique and she’s a freak.
She’s right at home in the peak.
A glass of wisdom – she drank it.
In front of her now is a gray blanket.
She is deserving of beauty and love.
She knows but cannot ask of above.
Her void to fill, a flightless dove.
Only time will tell what fits like a glove.
~ JW
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Ruby Shards of My Heart

Once protected by camera lens,
Her soul was intact, mind could think.
But was it real among staged friends?
Or was it all an act, as pure as nothing?

She has hope. She wants to believe.
But no one knows the depth of her grief.
Now box is open. She can hide no more.
Her heart was always broken. Shards on the floor.

Ruby red from sorrows that have bled.
Out of shape like a Picasso on the bed.
She is staring at it. It’s fading in the rain.
Pick up the pieces. Fight for happiness once again.


~ JW

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Pour Bandit, Toujours

Have you ever tasted love?
The real kind of love?
Pure like the snow on first winter’s day?
The kind that makes you want to stay?

What happens when it is gone?
Like when music ends a song?
Like a road that twists and bends.
Everything eventually ends.

Oh you little furball.
How you made my heart fall.
You gave me your love, your all.
And flew away with a piece of my soul.

Since that day I’ve been searching.
For meaning to stop this hurting.
It isn’t stopping, it just grows.
What I should let go, I hold onto the most.


~ JW

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