Merry Christmas 2017

Winter Solstice came and passed.
Powder snow arrived at last.
Faint ringing from bells of cheer.
Heart bringing down shells of fear.
It is the season of greetings.
A time for family and friendship meetings.
A line in the sand carved for happiness.
A once-a-year reminder of our togetherness.
From homes of maple and warm fireplaces,
To little gatherings under cardboard boxes…
Merry Christmas to all,
And may your hopes and dreams install!
“Merry Christmas 2017”
With Love, Jessie
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Thank You My Angels

Thank you my Angels.
My Friends. My Murals.
My Heart’s full of gratitude.
For Your kindness. For You.
Somewhere along the line.
Perhaps by fate, or by design.
I lost myself a bit.
And I fell into a pit.
But my whereabouts, You knew.
And the ladders, You threw.
Your whispers of hope,
I received in envelopes.
Now I walk on a path to heal.
Smooth sail like a forward wheel.
To look behind, I need no longer.
And everyday, I grow stronger.
You are still my Angels,
Who removed the chains from my ankles.
You reminded me I still have wings,
To explore a world without any ceiling…
Thank you my Dear Angels.
My Friends. My Murals.
Like Stars at Night, my Hope is bright.
Thank you for showing me the light.
~ JW
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True love is painful.
A dove flies when rain falls.
Without pain we can’t grow.
Deep down our hearts know.

We can heal.
We can feel.
We can fake.
We can break.

But nothing is more beautiful,
And nothing is more dutiful,
Than pure devotions,
Fueled by real emotions.

I have loved.
I am loved.
I am haunted.
I am wanted.

Minds can’t always translate,
What hearts want to say.
But beauty is here today,
And goodness is here to stay.



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My 3rd GCI Commercial is Airing Right Now!

When I auditioned for this commercial by Spawn, I knew it was going to be a good one. They always come out with exciting new ideas! When I received the call that I got the role, I was elated!

This was such a fun shoot, and I got to work with truly amazing and talented people – and for that I GIVE MANY THANKS:

Eric Holzschuh for being a great on-screen partner. You were HILARIOUS!

Frank Pickell for the easy to follow directions – you know exactly how to pull various characters out of your actors!

Brandon Carter for keeping all of us in order and keeping the filmset fun!

Elle Janecek and Zoey Grenier for once again, making us actors look naturally beautiful onscreen. You two know just the correct make-up products to use and how those will show on camera.

Mackenzie Banbury, Gene Boyda and Chris Thomas for keeping all equipment and lighting in order!

Paul Lawrence for recording the perfect sound!

And of course, jack of all trades – Andy Zanto – for Producing and 1st ADing and making it all happen!

I can’t wait to make another one!

With Love,
Jessie Wei

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Little Rose

Sleep now little rose.
Let go of all your woes.

All creatures have horns.
No use fighting thorns.

You have had enough.
It is time to grow up.

Little ruby caterpillar.
Fly now – you’ll feel better.


~ JW

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