Fall from the High

Clouds afloat in the heights.
Blissful image of nature’s might.
Sunlight peeps from edge of hill.
A display of time to test one’s will.
She’s unique and she’s a freak.
She’s right at home in the peak.
A glass of wisdom – she drank it.
In front of her now is a gray blanket.
She is deserving of beauty and love.
She knows but cannot ask of above.
Her void to fill, a flightless dove.
Only time will tell what fits like a glove.
~ JW
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Ruby Shards of My Heart

Once protected by camera lens,
Her soul was intact, mind could think.
But was it real among staged friends?
Or was it all an act, as pure as nothing?

She has hope. She wants to believe.
But no one knows the depth of her grief.
Now box is open. She can hide no more.
Her heart was always broken. Shards on the floor.

Ruby red from sorrows that have bled.
Out of shape like a Picasso on the bed.
She is staring at it. It’s fading in the rain.
Pick up the pieces. Fight for happiness once again.


~ JW

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Pour Bandit, Toujours

Have you ever tasted love?
The real kind of love?
Pure like the snow on first winter’s day?
The kind that makes you want to stay?

What happens when it is gone?
Like when music ends a song?
Like a road that twists and bends.
Everything eventually ends.

Oh you little furball.
How you made my heart fall.
You gave me your love, your all.
And flew away with a piece of my soul.

Since that day I’ve been searching.
For meaning to stop this hurting.
It isn’t stopping, it just grows.
What I should let go, I hold onto the most.


~ JW

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Hommage à Ton Créateur

Her laughter drowns a story she keeps untold.
Her smile masks a heart that ever grows cold.
Her every step is forward but pulled back in haste.
Her desire is to one day find the courage to say:

“I am sorry I robbed you of that pedestal step;
A first born of correct codes was your bet;
I am sorry I was not correct;
Yes, he would have been so perfect…”

“I will never be worthy of your family crest;
But maybe I can be second best;
I will continue to do what I can to impress;
I hope to make it up to you one day, and nothing less…”


~ JW

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My Latest Vegan finds at Bear Tooth

I don't write about foods enough, and I should... Food is one of my biggest pleasures in life, and there is nothing that makes me happier than when I go to a restaurant and discover delicious vegan cuisines.

Today I am going to write about two dishes that I recently had at one of my favorite restaurants in Anchorage, Alaska - Bear Tooth. I am always there. It combines two of my biggest passions into one convenient location - Indie Pub Theatre and food... Delicious Food!!!

I love, love, love Bear Tooth. They have excellent service as well, and to my delight, the staff are very knowledgeable about veganism, which makes my ordering process easier.

So here are the two items I had there and my thoughts on them:

1) The Chilled Avocado-Sweet Corn Soup $9. My first reaction from eating this was shock... because this soup was cold - and up until that point, I had never had cold soup. After the first sip, I got really into it. I could not stop. This refreshing soup is layered with notes of creamy avocado, tangy and garlicky flavors that made me want to eat the bowl. It is THAT GOOD.

2) Southwestern Rice Bowl $11. This dish is my go-to vegan dish for whenever I have a craving for something flavorful, and well, "southwesterny". I veganize this dish by asking for the chicken to be replaced with sautéed tofu, and the flavors become amazing! I still have no idea what seasoning they use for the sautéed tofu, but it keeps me coming back for more, and more, and more!!! When veganized, this bowl becomes a delectable melody of refreshing corn salsa, smoky rice, and beans flavored by yummy spices. This dish makes me so happy!!!


Hungry yet? I am...

With Love, Jessie

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