Thank You My Angels

Thank you my Angels.
My Friends. My Murals.
My Heart’s full of gratitude.
For Your kindness. For You.
Somewhere along the line.
Perhaps by fate, or by design.
I lost myself a bit.
And I fell into a pit.
But my whereabouts, You knew.
And the ladders, You threw.
Your whispers of hope,
I received in envelopes.
Now I walk on a path to heal.
Smooth sail like a forward wheel.
To look behind, I need no longer.
And everyday, I grow stronger.
You are still my Angels,
Who removed the chains from my ankles.
You reminded me I still have wings,
To explore a world without any ceiling…
Thank you my Dear Angels.
My Friends. My Murals.
Like Stars at Night, my Hope is bright.
Thank you for showing me the light.
~ JW

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